Ideal Providence Farms
Member of Int. Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements, Benin, Germany
+233 (24) 466 4572

Ideal Providence Farms (IPF) has been growing and producing its raw materials for almost 20 years. IPF products are true to type as their slogan depicts “traceable to nature”. The products are organically certified and IPF is a member of IFOAM – International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements Bonn, Germany.

Processing Units

WA Processing Units

IPF cooperates with women groups, around 800 women, in the Upper West Region and in the Northern Region in the wild collection of  organic shea nuts and the traditional production of organic shea butter.

IPF makes use the waste of the shea nuts as briquettes in order to protect the environment from pollution.

Products & quantities per year

+Shea butter  (100 tons)

+Citrus peels (lemon, lime, bitter lemon, sweet orange, grapefruit)

+(30 tons)

+Butterfly pea (4 tons)

Source of raw material

+From own plantations

+Aworasa-Asamankese (Eastern Region), Ghana

+Abortia (Volta Region), Ghana






+Ghana Standards Authority

Processing Units

Kpone Processing Units

IPF maintains a processing  facility in Kpone, Greater Accra Region, where raw materials from the farm are turned into consumable goods.

Solar Energy powering Unit for the Kpone Processing facility storage and office

Solar Dryer